Драйвер udf 2 5 для работы с дисковолдами blu ray, кристин онлайн

Драйвер udf 2 5 для работы с дисковолдами blu ray

Universal Disk Format (UDF) is a profile of the specification known as ISO/IEC 13346 and This format is used by some versions of Blu-ray discs. system or file system driver claiming support for UDF should be able to read this format. Mac OS X 10.4.5 claims to support Revision 1.50 (see man mount_udf), yet it can only. UDF (англ. Universal Disk Format, универсальный дисковый формат) — спецификация Работа с оптическими дисками 1 Возможности; 2 Версии и поддержка; 3 Использование на носителях Blu-ray и версия DVD дисков с AVCHD используют UDF 2.50 или UDF 2.60; DVD-Video диски используют версию. Most DVD-ROM/video that contain UDF 1.02 CD or DVD R/RW content that was There is no way to work around this problem other than replacing the drive or for the Microsoft UDFS file system driver after the latest service pack release. UDF Reader is a driver which let you explore Blu-ray, BD-R, BD-RE and HD-DVD UDF v2.5 discs in Windows XP's file explorer. Right click on thdudf.inf and.

An update is available the Universal Disk Format (UDF) file system driver Additionally, the Eject function does not work. Issue 2. You format a DVD+/-RW in the "Like a USB flash drive" format, and then you write some files to the DVD+/- RW. insert a recordable Blu-ray disc (BD-R) into the Blu-ray drive on the computer.

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